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Top 5 Best Free URL Shorteners in 2024


As someone who shares lots of links online, I rely heavily on URL shorteners to turn long, unwieldy URLs into compact links that are easy to post across websites and social media. Over the years, I've used many different free shorteners and want to share my reviews of the top 5 options based on extensive personal usage.

Beyond just how to use them, I’ll provide unique insights into the pros and cons of each platform from actually utilizing them myself. I've created thousands of shortened links, so I’ve gotten to know these tools inside and out!

My Criteria for the Ideal URL Shortener

Before jumping into the reviews, let me quickly sum up what I prioritize most in a top-notch URL shortener:

  • 100% free to use with no hidden paid tiers
  • Allows totally customizable shortened URLs
  • Provides detailed traffic analytics
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Reliable link performance over time
  • No or high link creation limits

Essentially, robust features, great analytics, customizability, and reliability are key. With those criteria in mind, let’s get to the reviews and experiences!

#1: Shortiny - My Favorite Fully Free Shortener

My Review: As a completely free platform, Shortiny surprisingly offers the most robust set of capabilities I’ve seen. I can create an endless number of custom shortened URLs, integrate retargeting pixels, pull reports, and far more without spending a dime. Other free shorteners have limits, but not Shortiny!

Key Pros From My Usage:

  • Truly unlimited links with custom aliases
  • Detailed traffic analytics dashboard
  • Tons of unique options like retargeting pixels
  • Reliable performance over months of use
  • User-friendly interface

Cons Experienced:

  • No official mobile app available

The Verdict: For unmatched free URL shortening, nothing beats Shortiny. Despite small areas for improvement, it delivers everything I want at $0 cost.

#2: Bitly - The Long-Reigning Veteran

My Review: I’ve used Bitly for many years because it pioneered URL shortening and continues excelling despite tons of competition. The platform is rock-solid reliable, relatively full-featured for free accounts, and has great recognition value in shared links.

Key Pros Based on My Bitly Use:

  • Widely recognized and trusted
  • Very reliable link performance
  • Clean, easy-to-use interface
  • Detailed link traffic analytics
  • Ability to fully customize aliases

Downsides I’ve Experienced:

  • Requires more clicks to access key features
  • Some limitations like link grouping for free users
  • Pretty dated user dashboard

The Verdict: While Bitly lacks some modern features you’ll find elsewhere, it makes up for that with legendary trustworthiness. For me, Bitly simply works - all the time!

#3: Is.gd – Surprisingly Great Custom URLs

My Review: With a name that doesn’t inspire confidence, Is.gd continually surprises me with how effectively the barebones platform allows free custom short URLs and basic analytics. Despite no flashy bells and whistles, Is.gd just works!

Key Pros I’ve Found in My Usage:

  • Provides free custom shortened URLs
  • Reliably consistent link performance
  • Very straightforward user interface
  • Simple traffic analytics dashboard

Limitations Experienced:

  • Analytics lack granularity
  • No link categorization or export options
  • Dated, bland interface design

The Verdict: Is.gd is all about simplicity and function over form. Beyond the ugly design, it stands out by delivering great custom shortened URLs that consistently perform well month after month.

#4: TinyURL – The OG URL Shortener

My Review: As one of the very first shorteners ever created, TinyURL wins big points from me for nostalgia! But beyond that, the platform has maintained relevance by continuing to simply do its core job reliably despite lacking new bells and whistles.

Pros Experienced in My Usage:

  • Strong early URL shortener pedigree
  • Consistent, reliable link performance
  • Allows some basic customization options
  • Very simple interface and user experience

Downsides and Limits Noticed:

  • No detailed analytics whatsoever
  • No category or organization options
  • Pretty outdated and stale aesthetic now

The Verdict: While totally no-frills now compared to newcomers, TinyURL maintains value by sticking to the URL shortening basics and doing them well. Sometimes less truly is more!

My Review: With a sole focus on link traffic analytics over other secondary features, Cut.ly provides some of the most robust stats I’ve seen in a free URL shortener. If you just care about tracking engagement, it’s tough to beat Cut.ly!

Key Pros Recognized in My Usage:

  • Very detailed link traffic analytics
  • Reliable performance over time
  • Simple interface to quickly shorten and share URLs
  • Allows fully custom shortened URL aliases

Limitations and Downsides:

  • Lacking some key features beyond analytics
  • Design and UX show age over time
  • Exporting large amounts of links is difficult

The Verdict: If I had to pick the very best free shortener just for tracking traffic sources and engagement, Cut.ly would be it. The focus on stats over other extras gives it an advantage.


All the covered platforms can be great free URL shorteners depending on your specific shortening needs:

Shortiny is my top recommendation for unparalleled free capabilities.

For basic shortening from longtime trusted brands, TinyURL and Bitly deliver.

Is.gd and Cut.ly provide great free custom URLs and tracking, respectively.

No matter which one you choose, keep these tips in mind:

  • Preview landing pages before sharing links
  • Be cautious of shortened links from sketchy sources
  • Customize aliases to make links more relevant
  • Use tracking to assess engagement

I hope this overview gives you the info to pick the ideal free URL shortener for you and use it effectively!


Q: Do you use paid URL shorteners as well?

I’ve tested some paid platforms but find most don’t provide enough extra value over the top free options to justify their cost, especially Shortiny. Paid accounts enable some advanced marketing features, but aren’t necessary for most basic URL shortening usage cases.

Q: Which shortener did you start using first years ago?

I actually began shortening URLs way back using Bitly! At the time it was one of the only shorteners available and remained my go-to for awhile based on nostalgia before better free options arrived.

Q: Have you encountered broken shortened links much over years of usage?

It depends on the platform. For example, Shortiny links don't expire, while some minor shorteners may. Always check individual sites' policies.

Q: Should I use a URL shortener for email marketing campaign links?

Yes, shorteners make links more visually appealing and enable click tracking. Just preview landing pages first and follow email best practices. Shortened URLs optimize engagement tracking!

Q: What sets Shortiny apart from other top free shorteners?

The unlimited scaling potential on Shortiny really sets it apart - I can shorten an endless sea of custom URLs with no data caps whatsoever. Combined with the detailed built-in analytics, that unlimited free usage potential makes it my #1 choice.