Our Story


The Origin Story of Shortiny, the Free Link Shortener

How Shortiny Came To Be

Shortiny was originally created in 2014 as a simple side project. After building the initial MVP version, the developer ultimately abandoned the project to pursue other ideas.

Discovering An Untapped Opportunity

In beginning of 2023, our team of product enthusiasts and marketing experts was researching the URL shortener space. We noticed Shortiny – this great domain with a catchy name that had so much unfulfilled potential. After some investigation, we found out the project was abandoned.

Sensing a big opportunity, we acquired the Shortiny domain and assets. Our team of developers rebuilt the entire platform from the ground up with a bold vision – to create the best free link shortener on the market.

Why We Made Shortiny Completely Free

Frustrations With Existing Paid Solutions

As digital marketers ourselves, we understood the frustrations with existing paid URL shorteners. Limitations on number of links, lack of analytics, complex pricing tiers – we experienced these pains firsthand.

We asked ourselves: Why should essential link management tools have these unnecessary restrictions and costs? All businesses should have access to a great link management solution, regardless of their budget.

Better Vision, Free Platform, No Strings Attached

We envisioned something different – a completely free platform supported by our team without ads, affiliate links, or any hidden agendas. Shortiny offers pro-level features with no artificial restrictions or catches.

Our goal is to provide this essential link management tool to any business or publisher regardless of their budget. Revenue comes second to creating real impact through an invaluable service given freely.

Who We Are & What Drives Us

Passionate Product People

We are product enthusiasts, developers, designers, and digital marketers – brought together by a shared passion to create useful products that truly empower people.

We love the craft, we geek out over great design, analytics, and understanding customer pain points. We constantly push ourselves to take products from good to great.

Making An Impact By Going All In On Quality

As a completely bootstrapped company, we are not beholden to outside investors or shareholders. This allows us to stay relentlessly focused on building a great product instead of short-term revenue goals.

We fund our development through client work and investing profits back into making Shortiny even better over time. We view this as our chance to make a real impact in the world – by providing an essential business tool available freely to all.

Join Us On This Journey

Help Us Spread The Word

If you also believe in better access to great software - we invite you to join us on this journey. Share Shortiny with your network, create links, provide feedback for improvements. Together, we can drive adoption of this free platform that saves businesses time and money.


At Shortiny, we’re on a mission to empower businesses and publishers worldwide with pro-level link management tools available freely to all. If you share in our product passion and commitment to quality, we invite you to join our community. Let’s build something great together.


Q: Is Shortiny really 100% free?
Yes! Our base freemium tier has zero catch, restrictions, or hidden costs. We may offer paid plans in the future for advanced power users - but core platform will always stay free.

Q: How does Shortiny make money if the service is free?
We fund Shortiny through client work + re-invest profits to improve the product. Our goal is impact first - to provide an essential tool freely.

Q: What is your business model? Sell user data?
Absolutely not! User privacy is extremely important to us. We will never sell private user data.

Q: Who is behind Shortiny?
We are a bootstrap startup - digital marketers, developers, product enthusiasts united by a passion for great software. We are proudly independent and self-funded.